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Legacy functions and datatypes from FreeSASA 1.x. More...


int freesasa_select_area (const char *command, char *name, double *area, const freesasa_structure *structure, const freesasa_result *result)
 Get area of a selection. More...

Detailed Description

Legacy functions and datatypes from FreeSASA 1.x.

Kept because they still work although they have been replaced by other functions. Can disappear at any time in the future.

Function Documentation

◆ freesasa_select_area()

int freesasa_select_area ( const char *  command,
char *  name,
double *  area,
const freesasa_structure structure,
const freesasa_result result 

Get area of a selection.

Use freesasa_selection_new() instead.
commandThe selection
nameThe name of the selection is stored here, it should be able to store a string of length FREESASA_MAX_SELECTION_NAME.
areaThe area of the selection is stored here
structureThe structure to select from
resultThe results to integrate
FREESASA_SUCCESS upon successful selection. FREESASA_WARN if some illegal selections that could be ignored were encountered (see printed warnings). FREESASA_FAIL if syntax error or memory failure.